Baby on the GO!

Mamas.. did you take your babies a lot of places when they were tiny? Monroe was TOTALLY on the go this past week.. the OSU campus, downtown, the Zoo, out to dinners and lunches, the PGA Tournament, church, brunches.. and goodness, he is doing so so good. I must admit, the more we take him out, the more comfortable we get doing so.. we are trying not to let having a baby hinder where we go.. so long as it's baby friendly :) I realize he will get older, louder and more unpredictable.. but so far.. it's so good... did you take your babes lots of places too?

    We did. I loved taking them out. Its a little harder now that there are 3 of them.
      Nope. I haven't figured out how to go anywhere alone with Charlie and not come home crying. If his dad is with me it's great. We go as many places as we need to. I know that just not going is not a good solution, but it's so stressful. I don't understand why it gets me so much. I'll take him if I'm just going to pick up a handful of things but I've never taken him on a major shopping trip, or a trip where I have to make more than 2 stops.
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