Oh man I am SO glad to be working right now!

So, Ed has a problem with poopy diapers. Usually I handle them (unless I'm mad.. then "I didn't know it was poopy" ;) )

It's our arrangement that when I'm working, he takes care of Charlie. I had 15 minutes left of my shift and I hear "Eh ahem.. honey? Something stinks".. to which I reply with a smile "I'm working *grin*"

He stands Charlie up to lay him down on the couch to change him and I see it.. lol it's only happened 3 times since Charlie was born.. but there it is. Major blowout.. up-the-back blowout. *oh this is gonna be good!*

Of course at this point Ed doesn't see it and goes to lay him down and I say "Wait babe!" and I point to all the poop... lol the look. Ohhh the look on his face...

So he goes to start a shower. It was one of those types. The "don't even try to use wipes because you'll use the whole container" type. I bring Charlie back there and he's got vaporub all up his nose .... oh my goodness I'm dying. And I help undress him, take off his diaper and hand him off to Ed. I walk out of the bathroom and all I hear is gagging. lol so much gagging!

Ahhh.. that boy makes me laugh every day :)

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