Teach babies to crawl?

You can't really teach a baby to crawl per se, especially before he's ready, but you can encourage him! Use whatever steps help you and your baby, but be sure to be patient! Every baby develops at his own pace, so don't be worried if he's not crawling at the exact point you think he should, even if you're friends baby's or your older baby crawled sooner. Some babies even skip the crawling phase all together and move straight to walking!

Firstly, make sure baby is ready to crawl... as in, he has some leg coordination and shows interest by scooting or dragging himself forward or rocking. He should also be able to support his head, one developmental milestone that can be aided by lots of fun tummy time.

Now, make sure baby's in a comfortable spot... not too gushy so he won't be wobbly, but a little bit of softness in case he hits the floor. Carpet, a blanket, those ABC foam tiles, anything like that should work. Make sure he has plenty of time on surfaces like this while you're watching him so he's encouraged to get a move on... Do this rather than put him in a walker, swing, etc for part of the day.

You can help baby support his middle in the beginning if he's already begun to lunge forward to get on all fours. Placing a toy or mirror just out of baby's reach might encourage him to begin to try to crawl. Trying to get him to come to you might help too.

If you crawl along side baby, he might think it's a game and try to mimic you!

Babies can get very frustrated when learning to crawl (wouldn't you, if you couldn't move yourself?) so be sure to give him lots of love, affection, praise, and encouragement. If he seems to be getting overly irritated or upset, give him a break... It'll happen in its own time anyway. You can wait til later in the day or the next day to try at your own discretion.

If baby is not crawling as quickly as you hoped, try not to get upset or disappointed or angry.. baby is trying! Babies are very good at sensing your emotions, as you already know if he's old enough to try crawling. Be proud that your baby is strong enough to try to take these big steps forward in his life and give him all the affection you can!

Oh, and not all babies crawl on all fours like those cute commercials! Your baby may just learn to scoot, crawl one sided, bounce-crawl, all sorts of stuff! If it gets him where he's going and he's reaching other developmental milestones, just take a deep breath and be proud of yoru creative lil one!

Mamas! When did your baby learn to crawl? How did you help teachthem?

Did any mamas have a baby who went straight to walking? What about the “weird” crawls?

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