Do you ever???

Not like your children very much. Like do you ever look at them and just feel negative emotions. Tonight was unfortunately one of those nights for me. I love them to death - and always will - but there are times (though thankfully not very often) when I do not like them all that much. Today, we took our kids out for what was objectively a GREAT day: sushi lunch (they love sushi), amusement park, treats etc. And I know they got really tired and we got home later than intended, but all the bickering and whining and lack of appreciation just go to me. At one point, I just couldn't look at them any longer!! Have you ever felt this way and how did you deal with it? (Moms of babies: do not be horrified; you will likely feel like this one day also, though it's hard to imagine when you are dealing with a newborn that they could ever be bratty and spoiled :-))

    I feel that way sometimes about my oldest but she is at that age where she started talking back, throwing tantrums all the time, isn't listening, acting up a lot to get attention, etc. Its not that I don't love her or like her I just don't like this side of her. There are times I admit that I think I can't do it anymore and want to walk away but I could never actually do that. I just get really overwhelmed. It doesn't make you a bad person. Try thinking about all the times they make you laugh or good times you've had together or even just things that make you love them for who they are. If you try to think about those things instead of the things that are bothering you it might help a little.
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