Sorrt ladies but i need to vent. And vent about my older kids

Well my older boys Haiden who is 6 and logan who is 3.5years old have no respect for me, and or our house or their toys and their baby brother toys and saftey.
I feel like a bad parent and these boys are out of control. And vince my only good one will follow foot.
I struggle so bad on staying consistant with bad behvior and giving them attention for bad behavior as i am constantly yelling at them which is why they dont listen, respect me.
I need to make a change. And i need support to help me on track and stay on track. So i may need to vent a bit if i failed.
But here is my plan. Since they dont respect toys i will get a big bag and mark donate. Any toy they throw at a wall, step on, use as weapon on each other will be put in bag. After a week i will take the boys and explain to them since they cant respect their toys they need to give it to
Another child who will. They will then hand the bag to the worker at goodwill but maybe that will help.
When disrespecting me i need to give them conseqences like no games, fave toy removed for a day, no tv time, or even timeout.
Worse ones will need to result in timeout, groudings, early bed.
Name calling me or anyone will be needing for haiden until logan can write wi be a page of writing the words. As far as logan it will result in timeout, or no tv.
Not behaving in public will result in timeout at home and toy removed for the day.

I hope u can help me along the way
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