So today, being a church day, Bailey and I attended church. Our church community is quite small, so news of Bailey's pregnancy has spread pretty fast. More over, many of our church family was supportive and kind to Bailey. Nick was there with us, but no Joanna.

Joanna kicked Nick out for good and he's been basically living in his car at his work's parking lot! She kicked him out three days ago and hasn't allowed him to come home and pack his things. As far as I know, Nick isn't too concerned by it, but man, I am one angry momma!

I have also found out that she has been sending threats to Bailey via text message, one of them said:

"You ruined my son's life and future. You are nothing but a filthy **** and I hope God will punish you for your actions."

I have been keeping the text messages as proof in case Joanna tries to pull any new BS from her ears.

On the other hand, Bailey has been doing great about the pregnancy and doesn't seem to let Joanna's negativity towards the situation get to her. Nick has started to live with us until he can save enough money to get an apartment. Bailey has been none stop "What can I do? Is there anything I am not suppose to do this early? Will this hurt the baby?" She's driving me nuts with the baby! :)

    8Theresa Gould
    Awww....glad to hear Bailey is taking care of herself and baby. She's blessed to have your support. I'm sorry Nick's mom is handling this so badly. Why make an already tough situation harder?