Teach your baby to read?

In their early years, the vast majority of babies don't learn to read so much as they learn to memorize. Albeit, reading is itself a form of memorization, we begin to make relationships between sounds and words. Whether we know the etymology of a word or not, we can often think of similar words and determine their meanings. For example “chrono”... Most of us know words that contain chrono have something to do with time, since the rest of the words in the group have to do with it. Or non means not. Babies aren't really learning these complex relationships so much as they are learning to associate a funny looking picture with its meaning.

As far as I'm aware, there's not a lot of benefit with your baby learning to “read” super early. It's mostly a parlor trick, albeit a really cool one. Nevertheless, if you're trying to make your baby smarter by teaching them to read very early in life, this is probably not going to make a big difference. Teaching them to speak in other languages might help so spending your time on Duolingo ( LOVE this free app... So much fun to learn this way, like a game!) might be more beneficial.

You could also get your baby some baby instruments to help fuel their interest in music if intelligence is your gig. There's a wide array of brain benefits that come with learning an instrument as a child (and even as an adult I think.) Plus, it can be a great and universal form of expression.

If you still want to teach baby to read though, I think it is mainly a game of association. You can do it pretty simply with some flashcards with very simple words that you can associate with their proper objects. Keep the list really small and remember babies often have a short attention span, so don't get frustrated.

If I were going to use this method, I would also probably do spaced repetition with the notecards. As in, keep different stacks of the notecards... the words baby needs to learn still/new words/ words they are struggling with. Then, wordds te seem to know pretty well. Go throught the new/struggling pile every da. Put the cards that baby seems to be doing well with in their own stack. Review these less frequently. Every few days or weeks, depending on baby's age and memory, put the old cards back in. Repeat the process unil desired results are achieved.

How do you feel about teaching babies to read early? Did you do it?

Do you know what benefits there are with doing so? Any negatives?

What method would you use to teach a baby to read?

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    Agreed too. I wouldn't want to start until after a year old... At least until they start talking too. Before that, it's just memorization.
      8Theresa Gould
      Our older two were reading by 3 and 4, but I spent a lot of time reading to them, going over the alphabet, flash cards and then 100 Easy Lessons. The rest of mine have been between 5-8. I wasn't in a hurry with them.
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