Day one of new rules in place

So this morning i explained to both haiden and logan they are going to start treating their toys and others with respect and if they dont there will be consequnences. I told them if i catch them slamming toys into floor, into walls, or stepping on them stomping on them, use as weapons or throwing in any form there wont br a warning i will take it and put it in a donate bag, but if they are good they can earn the toy back before being donated.

Well logan already this morning had no respect for a toy. He got mad at it and started slamming it on the floor. I looked at him and said well uh oh now it needs to go in the bag. He threw a meltdown and demanded i give it back and he wants it. I said to bad u didnt respect it and how would u feel if i slammed u on the floor like u did to the car. He kept with meltdown and i said he can either stop and find a new toy or go in his room. He finally stopped and i told him if he behaves and respects other toys he cab have the car back. We will see but i am not caving in and wont go down even with a fight.

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