Nap time?

This Mamma woke up sick in the middle of the night...throwing up, fever and shivering even though it was hot, I was up for a few hours thinking today was gonna be horrible. But I feel better this morning thankfully, just a little sleepy :-) good thing too because the boy is ready to run....I sure do love my little guy :-)

    Me too. I'm a little queasy but not bad. It's crazy how things can come and go so fast. Me and the boy have a full day of cleaning up after the weekend. But I LOVE to clean :-)
      Cleaning is the best! It's not even 9:30 here and my house is totally clean already and I'm on the second load of laundry :-) I'm feeling yucky again but not as bad as last night. I don't think it's anything I ate because my family ate all the same things. Probably just a little bug or something.
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