So far so good ladies

So far i have been staying consistant on day one and i am about half way done with the day.

I have only had to put 1 toy in donate bag, 1 toy in trash as its broke.
Just before lunch was over i had to put logan in timeout for throwing food on floor for no reason. I made him pick up the mess and then put him in timeout for 4mins( he will be 4in fall). And after timeout i explained to him why he was in timeout and asked him to say sorry. He did and said he was done throwing food on floor. I hope i am getting somewhere, we will see but i think with staying consistant and not caving in when times get tough and not lose my temper my kids will change little by little

    8Theresa Gould
    That's great, Ashley! It does help to deal with things right away and consistently. Keep up the good work!
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