Mixed Race Identity for Young Kids

This article was really interesting to me as someone with a mixed race child.


The author and her husband are both mixed race Asian and Caucasian so their son is sort of doubly mixed. At 4 years old he asked her if he was white. She said no. Then he asked if he was black. She said no again. The boy started crying because he 'wanted a color too'. She then goes on to talk about how she struggled to explain how and why people categorize others into races as well as why it all didn't really matter anyway.

I definitely worry about explaining this to Avery. When she was born I made a little t-shirt with a pie chart of all of her nationalities on it. It basically shows that she's half korean and half euro-mutt, LOL. But that doesn't really answer the questions about what race SHE is. On top of that, her dad is adopted. So he's korean and she's korean, but no one else is. Does that mean her race is asian? or is she white because her mom is white, most of her family is white, and she's raised in a primarily white culture? And of course, I have to explain that non of it really matters because race is an outdated way of categorizing people... ugh.

How do you explain race to your kids? Have they ever questioned why some people look different or why races are named white, black, asian, etc.?

Mixed Race Identity for Young Kids
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