Thanks, ladies!

You've all been so supportive listening to me go on and on about these rentals. I appreciate your comments and support so much!

I'm happy to say that we have found renters for one of the houses. This is the house that we've been working tirelessly on every single night for the past 2 months. It's still not done but we're very close and hope to be done and ready for them to move in in the next few weeks.

I had some other renters in mind but they seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth. This gal got in touch with me on Facebook. Her husband has 2 daughters from a previous relationship and their mother has just passed away. After 10 years at the same residence they need a bigger place, and fast.

Normally I keep my heart out of things. Business is business. But this. Ugh.. it breaks my heart. I'm not worried though, they both work and can more than afford it so I'm not taking a chance or anything.

Anyway, we still have 2 rentals to get some renters into so we're still busy as heck, but getting this house rented will be a huge help.

Thanks for listening all the time, you guys have helped so much :)

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