Spoiling Girls

I'm not into treating girls any differently then a boy. A lot of people act like little girls are sweet delicate flowers that can do no wrong. If they talk back it's cute, if they scream for a toy they're "a woman who knows what they want". I want my little girl to grow up to be a queen, not a princess. She has to make tough decisions, give up her own wants for the needs of her kingdom, stand up for herself with logic and skill - not tantrums, be confident in her inner beauty as much as the outer, and understand that she has to play by the rules as much as anyone else does.

I think spoiling anyone is wrong, girls included.

Moms Expertise
    I think spoiling will only hurt kids. When they get older and get a reality check because the world doesn't revolve around you and you can't always have what you want. Its a part of life having to deal with disappointment and rules.
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