in need of job

I have been trying for a year to get a job from home with no success and want to not buy anything to get started. Advertised that I babysit with a couple of babysitting jobs. one lady paid me $20 for the whole day!!! (eight hours) any ideas?

    Twenty dollars for the entire day? How insulting! I hope you don't work for her again!

    If you want to do a home based daycare you can make decent money that way. I would suggest getting a First Aid/CPR class first and registering with Social Services as a provider. They will run a child background check and a criminal background check on you which you can show you passed with certification from them.

    Also, if you do this set up times and days and stick to them. Have late fees and a contract or people will run straight over you. Treat it like a business and they will get the hint that you don't play around.
      8Theresa Gould
      Often it does take time to find something to do from home and sometimes it take several tries at something to be really successful. You just haven't found your "niche" yet. Don't give up because it is possible!
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