Very Very Blessed!

My husband has been amazing since our son has been born. He will get up in the night with him. Most times, we tag team to get him taken care of, but since my maternity leave is over and he is on paternity leave, he gets up with him and does everything so that I can sleep. He's been amazing. I am very blessed, because I have heard from so many women that their husbands or significant others don't help too much. I count my blessings each day.

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    My fiance doesn't always help as much as I would like but he is still a wonderful dad. There are times that I just simply do not know how to handle something and he can step in and be the rational one. So all in all he helps with the important aspects and I can forgive all the sleepless nights getting up with the baby and dirty diapers.
      That sounds so great, Kristin! I'm glad that he was able to take paternity leave! How long does he have?
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      I am a social worker for individuals with developmental disabilities. I am married to the love of my life. Gave birth to our beautiful son on April 17. Life is amazing!! :)