What music do you hate?

Do you have a genre of music that you hate? Why?

I have a major hate for 80's and 90's metal music. I'm sure we have some fans here but I am so not one of them. When I hear it I actually feel a little mad, like my ears are being assaulted, haha. I knew someone who was infatuated with... oh gosh I am having a brain fart. I think I forgot the name as a defense mechanism, haha. But the lead singer sounded like someone had kicked him in a place that might make one's voice go higher, if you catch my drift. It was physically painful for me to listen to, I swear it.

    Country music makes me want to pull my eardrums out! Lol I hate, hate, hate it! I'm not a fan of rock music either but I can handle it if I have too.
      Rod Stewart. I know he's not a genre, but the sound of that guy's voice...urgh. I am not a fan, lol.
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