"The bugs are giving each other piggy back rides"

My 7yr old Lucy just got home from school. She is telling me about the potato bugs her teacher found and brought into the class. They got to watch, feed and feel the bugs. One bug even laid some eggs. Then she says "some of the bug are even giving each other piggy back rides, it was so cute". My husband and I just giggled.

Has your child said anything innocent and cute lately?

    lol, that's fun.

    My daughter recently started imitating our elderly cat's meow--the cat meows a lot, and because she's old, it comes off sounding a little raw. Maddie's imitation always makes me laugh.
      Awesome.....well my daughter gets excited when she has new friends , and I can't stop her from talking about what games they play in school.
        8Theresa Gould
        That's cute. I do a Saturday Laughs on my blog and am trying to think what I posted there....Oh our six year old asked hubby if he had grey hair in WWII??! And our three year old told hubby that hubby's arm pits smelled like cow patties! lol!
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