Do you like leftovers? There are some things that I make that I always double up on because we will munch on the leftovers. Some nights I just don't want to cook, goshdarnit. ;)

My friend was telling me today that her girls will not eat leftovers. These are teen girls mind you, not little kids. They should be past that picky stage in my mind. But maybe I can't relate because I don't mind leftovers at all.

What about you? Do you make more of something so that you can put some away for later? Or are leftovers just something you don't do?

    I like leftovers for lunch, but I kind of hate them for dinner. I like variety too much to have the same thing twice in a row...but lunch? That's totally fair game...and that comes of as strange to me too, lol.
      Depending on what it is I will pack up the rest and eat it the next day. Its great when you don't feel like making lunch the next day or even sometimes dinner if there is enough left over.
        8Theresa Gould
        Yes, we love leftovers for the fact that there's no cooking for another meal....and when you have cooking for ten and clean up leftovers are time savers!
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