My husband and I made a bet last night, while we were talking about how long he'd be gone and things we wanted/needed to do during that time. We came to the topic of weight loss. I weigh 195lbs and he weighs 215lbs. We both need to lose a decent amount, more for our feeling good and in shape than for health, lol. So we made a bet.

The terms?
Whoever loses the most weight/makes the most progress while he's deployed wins. If he wins, I have to eat super spicy food/anything he cooks for a month (I HATE spicy stuff). If I win, he has to do whatever I want for a month (I haven't come up with a specific thing yet).

My Goal Weight:
Down from 195lbs to 130lbs.

His Goal Weight:
Down from 215lbs to 160 lbs.

    8Theresa Gould
    Aww...what a fun bet, with a meaningful goal for both of you! Good luck!
      Wow, that is a significant bet! Do you have any handicaps? I ask because if I made a bet like this with my husband, I would need a handicap. When he puts his mind to it and does the right exercises (lifting), weight melts right off of him.
      I already have an advantage, that being that he'll be working long days inside on board his ship, working with computers. Most of his free time will probably be spent sleeping or playing his games on Steam. My handicap is that I have to take Nina everywhere I go because I do not trust babysitters, so I have to use the bike trailer every single time. If I go out on a run/jog, I have to have the stroller along and I always have to be wary of the weather because its hitting Summer out here by the beach.
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