My first day of Summer!

Today is my first day of Summer. I know the Summer Solstice isn't until June 21, but I don't care! Summer starts when school is out, and school is out in June! Even though I haven't been in school for quite some time, and Maddie won't be there for a while either.

So, who has great vacation plans? I do...not, lol. Someday we'll make it to the beach, but I don't think that will be this year, and I don't think I mind. The thought of traveling with Maddie makes me nervous because she doesn't like car rides. We will be traveling to my in-laws sometime in July, but only because my brother-in-law is visiting from Seattle. He visits infrequently, and my husband hasn't been to his hometown since...Easter 2013, I think. I haven't been to my hometown since Halloween 2012, but it's a longer drive, so I'll wait until we have the time to drive overnight, or until Maddie's better in the car.

So, who has a fun summer in store? :)

    8Theresa Gould
    I love summer time and it was summer for us once we pulled out summer clothes! No big plans but to garden, work on our CSA and farm products. We may take a day trip later in the summer or early fall.
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