Mom, share your tips for dealing with a teenage son

My oldest son is on the verge of being a teenager but if this question is in regards to disrespect or laziness etc. Here's what we plan to do:

Loss of electronics (movies, Kindle time)
More work (we have two cows and a horse who poop a lot so mucking manure is a sure way to deal with attitude and laziness)
Doing a sibling's chores for teasing, name calling etc.
Serving a sibling dinner or whatever other task we think of for teasing, name calling or even using their stuff without permission
Paying siblings back for breaking something that belongs to them

Those are the things coming to mind at the moment.

But on the flip side, I will show him love, understanding, a listening ear and input as well.

How do you deal with your teenage son?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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8Theresa Gould
Ha ha! Yep, that muck will be here! :)
    4Ronna Jones
    My twins are preteens so, I will definitely try out the chores idea!
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