What is the best career for a stay at home mom

Personally, I think being a stay at home mom is a career in and of itself.

However, for those wanting to work from home or looking to work from home, the answer lies in YOU! What do you like to do? What are your skills? What equipment to you have?

I am a blogger, Moms.com hostess (which sort of falls into my VA work since I am providing a service), direct sales consultant and farmer. Plus I have two paper routes. I do not ju st do one thing to provide our family with an income. That's because if one job falls through I have income still coming in from something else. That's why i believe it's important to have multiple streams, if you can.

I love what I do because it enables me to stay at home with my children.

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    How does one become a blogger?
      Tyanna Menne
      How do you become a hostess here at moms?
        Yes, it's a job. The best job you could ever have. Being a single parent, I like working from home because I can be home with my son ALL the time!!! I am disabled so the income is much needed. I am looking for a customer service position. I am a people person so this would be a great fit. I am a Medical / Business Office graduate. I've tried to find work in this area since 2010 and haven't had any luck. My skills are Keyboarding 35 wpm; MS Office (intermediate), basic office skills, customer service, patient and customer accounts. The problem is I have limited work history being disabled. My education is extensive, but no work history in this area. I do have customer service experience. I have all the equipment to run a home office. I am prepared and eagerly await the opportunity to start a new chapter in my life, being independent.
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