Article: The 7 Bs of Attachment Parenting

I sort of fell into attachment parenting. I was still feeling my way around the whole parenting thing. I read A LOT of books and tried to emulate them but when it came down to it, I had to trust my instincts, listen to my baby, keep my baby close, sleep with my baby and ignore everything else that went against those things. I had only briefly heard of Dr. Sears and looked at one of his books but after reading this article I can see that his philosophy fits well with ours because the very things I listed are on his list!

In the circles that I "ran" with attachment parenting was rather new and probably more "liberal" than many practiced but in the end that is what we were most comfortable doing for our babies and children.

What about you? Do you practice attachment parenting?

If not, what is different about your approach and why?…

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    Ah.. great article, thanks for sharing Theresa! Funny as it seems.. I seem to have "fallen" into attachment parenting for the most part as well.. almost everyone describes me and I definitely didn't "set out" for things to be that way.. it all came very naturally and we go with the flow around here.. what works for us might not work for others.. but that's the beauty of life :)
      Melissa Middleton
      My hubby's family is always telling me how to parent and think they know the cries of my son. It can be very annoying. Every child is different. What worked for one doesn't always work for the other.
        I don't cosleep because I didn't grow up that way. And I have seen others relationships dwindle because the husband got kicked out due to the baby. I do nurse and do other things on the list but try and let my baby get use to other people as well so she doesn't always need me for everything. I love being needed and it breaks my heart when she cries but we are learning to rely on others for comfort as well.
        8Theresa Gould
        I didn't grow up in a co-sleeping household, as a matter of fact I do thing quite differently than my mom did in many respects.

        I don't think the hubby has to be kicked out to co-sleep. Our three year old snuggles up to my hubby's back not mine! :) We sleep next to each other and our son on the outside and our other son on the floor beside us. That way if our three year old rolls out of bed he rolls into bed with his brother...usually without waking up too! :)
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