..slow and steady!

Our sweet little man had one clogged tear duct when he was born.. we really didn't notice it until the week or so after he was born.. suddenly he would wake up with goo or discharge in the one corner of his eye.. it never got red, but got quite gunkie.. Anyways, I suspected it was a clogged tear duct, but we asked at his next appt. to make sure.. then we did the following to help it.. we made sure to keep his eye free and clear of discharge with a sterile cotton ball.. a simple wiping motion from the inner corner to the outside of the eye. slow and steady :) then.. once clean and YOUR hands are clean.. we would gently massage the TINY area between his inner eye and nose.. the area where his little duct would be.. honest to goodness, it took about 24 hours of gentle massaging and wa la.. no more goo!

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