Early labor signs

This is one of the biggest concerns for many women-recognizing labor. Thinking that labor has started only to be sent home by the hospital is disappointed. But remember, your prenatal caregivers deal with these uncertainties on a daily basis and it does not matter how many false alarms there are, as long as you and your baby are safe.

Most pregnant women experience symptoms and signs that suggest they have begun labor and to seek advice. However, these signs come in no specific order and you may not experience all of them.

It is also important to remember that early labor doe snot always progress at a steady rate. You might experience one or several symptoms followed by hours of no activity at all, only for events suddenly to pick up speed again. Overall, there will be a tendency for your uterine contractions to become gradually stronger and more painful, but this increase in strength does not necessary occur steadily.

Most first time moms are very aware when they are in labor because the contractions take longer to establish since the uterus has never attempted to expel a baby before. In second and subsequent births, labor can be quick and there are occasions when the mother will not realize she has reached full dilation until she experiences an overwhelming urge to push the baby out. However, it is unusual for women not make to the hospital in time.

Signs of labor:

-your contractions are occurring every 15 minutes or so
-your contractions are getting stronger
-walking around or changing position does not make your contractions go away
-you have pain in your lower back instead of your lower abdomen
-you feel the need to empty your bowels
-you are passing fluid which you don't think it's urine

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        I never had any braxton hicks air anything with haiden. My body wouldnt go into labor. But we had to make a choice to take him out for insurance and cuz he was not growing.

        Logan i had to go in several times. One of them i remeber so clear. I was outside and letting haiden play and i was suppose to babysit my neighbors sons. I felt sick, hot ans cold flashes and my stomach was tightening. I had braxton hicks alot with him so i thought ok just braxton hicks. I told my neighbor how i was feeling and they said ok we dont want to chance it. I went to the dr and she said no i was in false labor. I begged to differ as it dilated me to 4cm. She said just go home and if pain get worse than go in. Well later on the pain stopped. We induced him a week later but he would of came the day we did induce him as labor started before us going to hospital.
        Vince i had braxton hicks buy never felt like i did with logan.
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