Just need to rant a little...

So I have been up for the last like four, almost five, hours and I'm getting increasingly irritated... I randomly woke up at about 3:30 (didn't even have to pee) and due to my the terrible cough that I've had since Saturday, I haven't been able to go back to sleep. Because of how tired and uncomfortable I am, other things have started to piss me off at an alarming rate this morning. First of which being that at my 35 week doctor's appointment, he told me that we should abstain from sex because he was worried I wouldn't even make it to full term... oh the levels of wrong he was. Then I have made almost no progress in the past month despite my extreme efforts to induce labor with sex (which is uncomfortable to say the least) and walking (which makes me swell really bad and feel like a cow when I'm out of breath before we make it to the end of the driveway). Moving on to the fact that my daughter seems to like scaring the hell out of me and won't move for hours on end and then when I have freaked out enough to go into the doctor's office and get her checked out, she dances around like there's a nightclub in my uterus and makes me look like moron who can't feel her own baby. Then we get to every annoying person I know who think it's okay to say that she needs to get here already because they want to hold her and what not.... like are you freaking kidding me?! She is my daughter, she has kept me waiting for nine months, I worry constantly about her and all I want is to have her in my arms and know that she's alright but you people are the ones that just need to her to get here?!?! Ugh! And finally, to just put the icing on the cake, my husband was just told yesterday that starting immediately the whole company is working overtime everyday until 7 or 8 at night and that he may have to go to Arizona for a week because of a deal that his idiot boss is trying to secure! So if I don't go into labor soon, he may not be here to see our daughter born.
I'm sorry for how long and whiney this post is, I just needed to vent. I think I'm going to talk to my doctor tomorrow about inducing me... I know that it's best to wait if there is no medical need for an induction but I want my husband there for the birth and I don't care how selfish that is.

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      I know the misery of all the annoyances during pregnancy. I think we all do lol. But I would really urge you to wait. Trust me, I think we all probably wanted to be induced once we got to 35 weeks but I have a friend who had a c-section with her son at about 35 weeks and he ended up in the NICU for 9 days. To us as moms, it's hard for us to understand how 4 to 5 more measly weeks can make much of a difference in our baby's growth but it does. The lungs are the last thing to develop and if your child is born at 35-36 weeks, they have a risk of developing breathing problems. If it were me, I'd focus more on talking to my husband's employer and explain the situation. Unless your husband is a vital part of the deal, he should stay home while everyone else goes. And even if he is vital, tell them your family and this birth is MORE vital. I would do that rather than risk health problems inducing my child early. Most doctors nowadays won't do it anyway unless there is a medical reason.
        :( Has your doctor talked about induction at all? Maybe soon they will induce and you can have your sweet baby out!
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