water intake.

Just curious as to what is everyone's opinion on water. My 7 month old loves water but I heard that to much can cause water toxicity. I know all they need is breast milk till 1 and she still nurses like crazy. But she loves her sippy cup and she won't drink milk from it only water. I've seen some things where they say for 7 months only 2 oz a day some say 6-8 oz a day and some say as much as she wants. I was just wondering what everyone opinion was on it.

    Wic, gave us a 4oz cup and said start her with this and work up to another ounce each month or so, I let my daughter take a few sips, we don't use a sippy cup because a real cup helps her learn to control it herself. No more than 4 ounces a day to start and next month do 5 ounces next moth do 6 ounces....etc.
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