OMG are you STILLLLLL pregnant?!?!?!!...... by far thee worst, and most annoying thing you could ever ask a pregnant woman. Well it was for me anyway. First off, it really isn't an intelligent question for many reasons. I remember being asked that many times through out my 1st two pregnancies and I about lost my mind!!!!! I couldn't even be rational anymore I would just very firmly say" don't ask me that"!!!! I mean it's a rhetorical question, but in your last trimester you're already heavy, tired, swollen, wobbly achy and miserable. The last thing you need is people asking the same weird question ( as if their tax refund is riding on it ) . Anybody else felt this way? Or about any other annoying questions during your pregnancy?

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A 36 y/o wife and mom of a 10 year old girl, a 1 1/2 year old girl and one in the oven. While being a mother and wife can be very overwhelming and not ALWAYS very rewarding ( just being honest ) I certainly would not have it any other way.