So what do u have going on for summer plans

Our summer is looking busy.
Haiden has summer school, visit at least 2 possible 3 zoos, swim lessons, tball, camping, 4th of july, more campfire parties.
And at the end of summer a month before school i am going to start getting some stuff for school if they have supply list out and school clothes.
Also at the end of summer vince turns 1 and in august my husband has a bday. We also have the fair and to visit maybe 2 amuuzement parks one of which is 6flags and the other bay beach. I also plan on going to the beach. We may even do a water park too.

    I don't know for sure yet. I was playing around with dates and amounts for travel expenses for a few trips I want to take the kids on. Other than that, work and school. Sleeping in a bit more since I usually don't work until the evenings (yay!! for sleeping in!). I'm debating if I want to get a membership to the pool not far from us. Gonna check out the library for summer activities for the kids. That's about it really.
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