my baby doesnt sleep unless she being held

i can't even go to the bethroom. Any advise . I had a girl tell me to turn on vacuum cleaner

    I read that white noise and vacuum can be damaging to their ears, if you need to use the bathroom what i do is put her in a bouncer seat or if you have a carrier to put her in it so she's still being held but you can use your hands. Also try to put a blanket under her while your holding her or your shirt and lay her down then run to the bathroom lol.
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      We love our Baby Shusher! It make a "shhh shhh shhh" noise that is very simple and very soothing. First we had the app and then we got the device. Annika slept on her own with the Baby Shusher.
      OMG, I love the idea of this shusher! I wish they'd had it my kids were bab ies! (Or if they did, I did NOT know about it)
        We are another Baby Shusher Loving house :) It's another version of a white noise machine - which is why the vacuum was suggested, but my kids have never liked white noise and LOVE the Shusher. I'm also a big fan of babywearing with either a sling, wrap or carrier. That way you can be "holding" the baby but you still have both hands free to get things done!
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