One Rough Night

Last night was pretty rough for me. I was already exhausted after my long busy weekend and only 5 hours of sleep on Sunday night but then Jacob kept waking up all night long. I would just get to sleep and he would wake up crying. I think his teeth are about to cut through. He has been teething since he was 2 1/2 months old and now hes 7 months old. I can see the teeth. I felt so bad for him. The only way he would sleep was pretty much using my breast as a pacifier all night long. If I turned in the bed he would cry. I even game him Tylenol. I just feel bad for the poor baby. :( He is such a happy baby during the day but in the evening and night his gums seem to bother him the most.

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      Poor little man! Do you have a teething necklace or any of the pain relief stuff for him?
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