Think vince is on growth spurt.

My little boy must be growing again. He has been eating what i think is a lot for him.
So far he has had all this and its only half way through the day.
Breakfast- 7oz bottle and a handful if cherrios
Snack- baked graduated toddler cheese crackers( its new thing i saw at walmart)
Lunch- 6oz bottle, some puffs as he couldnt wait, half a grilled cheese sandwhich, and a full jar of baby food

After afternoon nap u will give another snack after we pick up kids from school, then he usually has a before dinner bottle around 4 and 4:30pm, and we dinner around 5 and 5:30. Plus he gets a bottle before bed time

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    Sounds like he might be growing!! Isn't it funny how they seem like bottomless pits when they hit a growth spurt?!
      For dinner he had 5oz bottle, hot dog, jar of baby food, and even some puffs
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