Making baby cereal: homemade quinoa cereal

If you're a fan of cereal for babies, quinoa is such a great way to go. It's a seed that is almost always organic and has amazing vitamins and minerals. Far more than rice or corn. It is very versatile and can easily be made into cereal.

Heat up a pan and add quinoa to it, stirring constantly so as not to burn the seeds. This is toasting the quinoa. Once you get to the desired toastiness, remove from heat and let cool. Then grind with food processor into a fine powder (coffee grinder works great for grinding seeds and grains).

To cook, add 1/4 c of quinoa powder per 1-2 cups of water. I would suggest not walking away from it. Keep whisking to avoid lumps. You can add some cinnamon or vanilla or some mashed up fruit, too!

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