What do u think

So let me explain something. I dont have much of a hobby and i never really tried to find something. I am not artistic so anything like scrapbooking is just not good. Now i do make powerpoints for my kids and some day i hope i can put the powepoint on a dvd for kids graduation.
I am not good at sports other than volleyball. And i dont have time to do a bar legue for volleyball.
And i am not much of gamer or good witg any electix devices. Like my husband and his friend.
I am not good at photgraphy so i cant do that.
I am however good at baking and cooking. But really dont want to do it for hrs all though i do think about it for like a buisness.
So last night my husband and his best friend don talked for an hr or more. They talked about hobbies and anything else. Then somehow i got brought up in their conversation and i heard my husband say he has tried to find me something as a hobby but i shut it down ir give it an excuse.
So somehow they both think i should have a hobby. But i dont think i need one as i dont have much time and or good at much of anything.
I have no understanding why they want me have a hobby so bad. Only reason i think is while my husband was away with don for 5days that a hobby would have helped me.
I do however go on the internet and find coupons and do so with our newspaper. But i dont go to the extreame like the show.
But u find it odd that those two want me witg hobby so bad.

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