Severe back pain pregnancy: remedies

1. adopt good posture when you are upright. Stand tall, hold your shoulders back, try not to stand for a long period of time

2. when you are driving check that the car seat supports the small of your back and that you can reach the hand and foot control easily. Your seatbelt might feel uncomfortable but you should wear it for every trip.

3. when you are resting, raise your feet and legs to take the pressure off your back and pelvis.

4. when you get out of bed, first turn on your side and, keeping your back straight, swing your legs over the side of the bed. In this position you will be able to push yourself upright using the strength of your arms without placing any strain on your back

5. regular gentle back exercises: pelvic tilt exercises are especially helpful, as are exercises that help strengthen the muscles of your back

6. try not to gain too much weight-every extra pound places further strain on your back.

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      One more...heated seats in the car!
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