When does baby turn head down

Whenever the baby wants! Seriously, the baby can move and turn over and over again throughout the pregnancy. Some babies will turn head down before 25 weeks and stay that way and other wont turn head down until labor starts. All babies are different and they can do whatever they want in there. If you baby has not turned head down yet and you are getting close to delivery try not to worry, your baby still has time. There are ways to help encourage your baby to turn or for your doctor to manually turn them as well.

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    8Theresa Gould
    My midwife had me take pulsitilla sp? - an homeopathic remedy - to turn one of my babies.
      Okay, I din't know that all babies lay differently. Great.
        Babies turn head down when they're ready to turn head down. My midwife told me that when they're still small enough to really move around, they're everywhere, but as they start getting bigger, that's usually around the time where they will decide their final destination. All my kids were head down at different times.
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