Delivery of a stillborn baby: vaginally or c-section?

The size and position of the baby may play a role of what kind of delivery you can have. Some medical conditions might play a role as well. If medical conditions and positions were not a factor it is usually recommended to have a vaginal delivery. Generally vaginal deliveries have less complications, a quicker recovery time, and don't cause damage that may effect your ability to have more children. Some women may opt for a c-section for personal reasons as well.

I recommend talking openly with your doctor about your specific circumstances and the risks and benefits about both delivery options.

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    I've never been in this situation, but I have had a couple friends that had to deliver stillborn babies. It is tragic no matter how the baby is born, so there's no "good" way to do this. But I agree that the physical healing time is much shorter with a vaginal delivery... which may (but probably not) help the emotional healing time be a little shorter.
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