Should I trust the accuracy on an ultrasound to date a pregnancy

The earlier in pregnancy the dating ultrasound is preformed the more accurate it is. During early pregnancy there is very little variation in fetal development. Since there is so little variation dating ultrasounds are usually very accurate.

Later in pregnancy, especially after 20 weeks, there is a wide variation or normal and dating ultrasounds can be off by a few weeks in either direction. It is best not to look at later ultrasounds for dating and to stick with the due date that was determined early in your pregnancy.

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    4Santana Ferrell
    I dont trust them. thanks to them the dr had Sam induced a month early and said he was a premie after he was born and i went into full blown labor with scarlet a month and half early but she was 100% healthy they said she was probably 38 week gestation
      Totally right! With Audrey, I actually had a c-section scheduled, went in, and then when my doctor looked back at my first sonogram I was sent home because they realized I was 38w4d instead of 39w
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