Let others discipline your kid?

Personally, I say yes. Avery is going to interact with way more people then just my husband and I and she needs to follow their rules too. I don't want her acting like a turd at a friends house just because I'm not there. Plus if she does something wrong I want her to experience immediate consequences. I don't want the other person to wait until I get back to let me know because it will be too late for her to learn properly.

With that said, I think there are certain kinds of punishments that are acceptable for others to give to my kids. Time outs, taking toys away, giving chores, etc. are all okay in my book. I wouldn't want someone else to ever use physical punishments on my child. I also wouldn't want them to yell/scream at her either. I feel like most of the 'traditional' forms of discipline are fine, but save the really outside the box stuff for your own kid.

What do you think?

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      Totally agree. I feel like if my kids are at someone's house and I'm not there they darn well better just listen to a request/commend - it shouldn't escalate to the point where they need a more severe punishment than a brief time out. If it is escalating, I would expect the other adult to call me and I would either speak to my kids on the phone, go get them, or stop by to remind them of the rules ;)
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        I think those things are logical when/if my children are at another person's house - we follow their rules. But I don't want anyone doling out punishment to my children if I am present. I'll deal with them myself.
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