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me and my daughter are in ny and she has been horrible for the past week that we have spent here and i am getting judged by my family who doesn't really even know how my daughter acts and stuff. so its very frustrating she thinks she can get away with no manners like we do at home and she is being very very bad she like to throw tantrums even more now because she knows my dad will come make me stop putting her in time out a light spanking.(over a diaper never never hard just enough to catch her attention!) but none the less how do i get her to understand instead of whaling at me for the things she wants how do i get her to understand to just ask I've tried explaining it and that goes no were and I've tried showing her and that goes no were. i am going to rip my ears off if i hear her shrieking at me for juice or a snack i just want her to ask and not scream. (i have super sensitive ears plus ear infection! hence i feel like ripping them off)

    How long are you there? Visiting parents/grandparents or traveling anywhere at all can be super tough on kids. I know because we do it every other month or more!!! Try to decide on a set of rules for the house - maybe with input from your Dad since he seems to be interfering. It's fine if the rules are different, but all of the adults need to have the same expectations, and the same reaction when those expectations aren't met. She's at that age where she's going to test every single boundary you give her, so she and you need everyone on the same page.

    With my kids, there are a distinct set of rules at my parent's house that are WAY different than at our own home. For example - at my parent's house they go to bed later, are allowed to watch TV, and aren't as responsible for cleaning up their toys. In our house, bedtime is ALWAYS between 7:30-8, they watch a very limited (1 show each) amount of TV per day, and any toys that aren't cleaned up get "thrown away" (I put them in a trashbag in front of the kids and take it outside... what they don't realize because of their age is that I then bring the bag inside and slowly give their toys back to them for good behavior or when I need a few minutes and can distract/entertain with a "new" toy)
    yeah it been hard just visitin my grand parents and my father and friends and it has been super hard at bed time an tv my dad is picking fights with me on all my choices and no matter what i have to say that i parent my way and he was never around my and my sister when we were babies and in her head all rules went out the window so im having a tough time punishing her cause she runs to my dad and he makes me stop telling her no and wont let me do anything to tell her that she is doing wrong and its stressing me out!
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      She's still pretty young and like Beth and Taylor said being some place new brings out the testing the limits. Try the best you can to establish new boundaries and Beth had a good suggestion about talking to your mom and dad so you are all on the same page.
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