Kid's first job - how much do you help?

Obviously I have awhile before I personally have to worry about this, but I have some friends that have older kids and they are trying to navigate their son's first job right now and it got me thinking...

Their son is 15 and they want him to have a summer job to keep him out of trouble and so he can start earning some money. He's old enough to work, but really isn't showing any drive to get any particular sort of job. As a parent, how much input and push do we need to have? They are wondering how much is too much and I really hadn't thought about it until they were talking about it. Should they be picking up applications for him and giving them to him? They had talked about taking things away (cell phone, video games, going out with friends etc) until he gets a job, but there's a big part of job hunting that's out of his control as well!

What do you think the perfect balance is? Or, if you have children that already have a job, how much input/effort did you give to get them that job?

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    The only thing I've done with our 17 year old is suggest to one of my clients that she let my daughter take on the work I was doing for her and she was agreeable to it because my daughter had already worked with her in another capacity. Other than that our daughter has been the one to take initiative and apply to jobs and look for one. Another time a fellow blogger was looking for a "teen" to help her and I simply asked if she'd consider my daughter and put them in touch with one another. It's been working well for a few months and gives our daughter some pocket money.

    My daughter has come to me and asked me about certain things but so far she's been the one to do everything on her own. But I think girls and boys are different. Though my husband was 13-14 when he got his first job. He was the one to ask his brother's boss for a job.

    So I think there's help and then I think there's doing everything for your child. I don't think there's anything wrong with suggesting things to our children or giving them our requirements - I want you to apply to such amount of jobs by this date and I would like to see you have a summer job kind of thing.
      I'm so not pushing this with my daughter. I asked her if she wanted to get a job this summer and she's not real interested. She does have other activities going on though like summer choir practices (if she gets into the show choir) and we're going to volunteer as well. So she isn't sitting around all summer.

      Maybe they should ask him if he would prefer to volunteer? He is still kinda young, in my opinion.
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