Big elaborate birthday parties

With a 5 year old birthday party for Mason rounding the corner, I have just started to think about what we will do to celebrate. I have always wanted to throw a big elaborate party for my kids, but something always happens that makes it not happen. I'm hoping this will finally be the year I can get all my ducks in a row and throw him a "Pinterest-worthy party." i've been looking all over for ideas, and just found this fun list of 50 awesome parties on Popsugar.

Do you throw your children a big huge party, or keep it small? Regardless of size, do you decorate everything according to the theme or just use what you have laying around?

BethSummerville, South Carolina
    Ooops! Helps if I actually show you the link to the parties!!! How awesome is the Up inspired party?!…
      8Theresa Gould
      No, we keep it small, though we have ventured a little out of our norm by taking two children to the movies and one to the mall this year. But usually it's their birthday dinner, choice of dessert and a movie at home.
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