How many other Grandma's are a part of this group?

i had plans to do some traveling after my Son graduated high school but God had different plans for me and my 2 little ones keep me young. LOL

Wendy LongCenterville, Tennessee
    8Theresa Gould
    Awww....welcome, Wendy! I'm not a grandma yet, not for several more years probably, but I agree my children keep me young!
      Welcome Wendy!! We are so happy to have you join us. I'm sure it must be wonderful having your grandkids around to keep you young ;)
        Wendy Long
        Thanks Everyone for the Welcomes...I will post pics of the munchkins soon.
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        a Grandma of 5. 4 110% little boys and 1 precious little girl. I'm raising 2 of them. Jayvaun has been with me since he was 4 months old and Cameron since he was 1 1/2. My baby boy graduated high school in 2013 so I'm starting over again.
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