What is Third Child Syndrome

Third child syndrome is an idea that the third child in a family will act a certain way in adulthood because of their birth order. I can speak from experience and rumor when I say my third child gets away with a lot more than my other two do - mainly because at this point, I'm much more laid back and have realized I have to give up on some things if I want to stay sane. It's not a conscious decision that we made to treat Hayden differently, it's just what happens because of where we are in our lives.

I'm not sure if this counts as part of the "syndrome" but my husband and I joke about how "neglected" Hayden is compared to our other two. Mason had all new everything. Audrey we started accepting hand me downs from our friends, and Hayden... well, I'm not sure she's ever gotten anything new. Even her Christmas presents mainly came out of our storage from toys the bigger kids had grown out of and stopped playing with. It's not because we love her any less, it's just that we've realized how quickly kids get tired of things, how quickly they grow, and how expensive child-related things are - we no longer feel like we have to have the best of the best as long as everyone is happy and healthy ;)

If you have 3 children, what's the biggest difference between how you raise the first and third?

Do you think Third Child Syndrome is a real thing?

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    8Theresa Gould
    I don't know about the Third Child Syndrome. Yes, we did things somewhat differently with our third, but we've done the same thing with the rest as well. Our first was our guinea pig!
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