Activities for a stay at home mom in Canada

I think for the most part activities for a stay at home mom in Canada are the same as here in the U.S. or anywhere. The only time it would differ is if you are in a rural area. In my hometown there are no playgrounds, except if you go to the elementary school. There is no Starbucks but there is a little restaurant. Things like that will differ. I also think moms in my hometown visit each other a bit more because of the lack of meeting places. Again, speaking about rural areas. Urban and suburban areas are just like Chicago, New York or San Diego.

What do you think, Canadian moms? I haven't lived there in 20 years! ;)

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    I'm not in Canada... but I'm in the middle of nowhere.. Our fun consists of park days and grandma house days here and there (she has a sandbox!). Other than that we stay at home.
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