Things you don't need for a new baby

Things you never needed for a new baby

There are only about 80 bajillion new things for mom and baby each year. Of course, the “rules” keep changing too for what's recommended, safe, and not.

That ends up with moms buying all sorts of stuff they don't need or won't use, or at least getting it at the baby shower. So, there are lots of lists about what you DO need. What did you NOT need?

I know @Linda mentioned she didn't end up using her wipe warmer very much. She said she completely stopped using the Diaper Genie too because it was smelly and a pain in the butt. Linda also said that she only used the baby bath for the first few weeks.

I have heard a TON of moms say they bought way too many clothes that baby couldn't wear or wear for long. When I was making my registry, everyone told me to just get lots of onesies, and maybe a couple cute outfits because I wouldn't end up using them. The same went for newborn diapers, from what I've heard.

Even when I was making my registry, I see items on there now that moms here on have shown me the light about, which I'll promptly be removing. For example.. crib bumpers! Apparently these aren't recommended at all now. The ones I had picked out were thin mesh ones... To me, that seems like they would still be okay and not suffocate baby while still keeping lil arms and legs out of crib openings. What do you think? Are these not recommended anymore either?

Bottles... I didn't know until that some babies won't take certain kinds of bottles, so there's no reason to stock up until you figure out which you'll use! I planned to breastfeed, but wanted to have them on hand just in case.) Would've definitely bought too many and probably not be able to use 'em.

I also heard not to go ahead and buy one of the baby hygiene kits which I had on my list... everyone said the hospital or birthing center would supply you with most of that stuff anyway.

Of course, I had a few newer gadgets on there like the nasal aspirator that you suck on, I think it's called a Frieda. Do you like yours mamas?

Then, mamas told me about stuff I didn't even know about like mesh teething bags!

What about you? What baby stuff did you buy and just not need or use very frequently, if at all?

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    8Theresa Gould
    Baby swing! I eventually got rid of our crib and changing table because they took up too much space. Space we needed for people! lol!
      Here's what you need for a newborn. Its pretty simple..
      -Diapers and wipes
      -Spit up rags and bibs
      -Something for them to sleep in
      -Formula or breast milk and bottles
      -Bathing and Grooming supplies
      -And a diaper bag if you are a mobile mommy
      -Swaddling blankets, sleeper bags or swaddler wraps
      -Properly fastened rear-facing carseat

      Everything else give or take a thing or two I may have forgot is just unnecessary for a newborn and can be bought at a later date if ever.
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