Article: Show Me Family

I found this article via and I immediately thought of "mommy guilt" as the author sat listening to her children and having a mental battle about having time to write or being with her daughters. I completely "got" that since I work from home.

As I read more, I thought all of us at some time or another has mommy guilt and that each of our families will look different but be fundamentally the same in love and spending time together.

This evening our family was eating around the table. Now many of the children are outside doing evening barn/animal chores while a couple do clean up. This is what our family looks like at any given time throughout the day. And guess what? It brings a satisfied smile to my face, especially when everyone is getting along! :)

What does your family look like this evening? And have you had any bouts of mommy guilt lately?…

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
8Theresa Gould
Sorry about your uncle's passing but glad you got some time with your parents.
    4Ronna Jones
    Today I was catching up with house work since I was in bed most of the weekend with a migraine. So, yeah I was feeling it today especially with Mindy crawling right behind me whining. But we took our time taking a bath together this evening and now she's sleeping. Cory and I are sharing a root beer float and watching Disney. Off to bed soon though!
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