You need a baby to help solve a problem marriage.

Said no good friend, ever. Don't tell yourself this, don't listen to this kind of advice. A baby will only make things that much more stressful!

And it is really fair to put the burden of saving a marriage on a baby? No, it isn't.

If you have marriage problems please either seek counseling or a divorce, depending on how bad the problems are and if you think it can be fixed without adding an innocent baby into the mix.

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    My cousins friend does this. Her and her boyfriend (they aren't even married) keep popping out kid after kid when they have problems like it is going to fix anything. If anything I would think it would make things worse. Its stressful and a lot of work to raise a kid. And if you can't be on the same page as a couple how can you be on the same page as parents. Then when things fall apart this poor child or children are stuck in the middle.
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