3 month old teething

As most of you know I had my hernia repair yesterday and tubes tied. My baby has a normal fussy time from 7 to 9pm everyday. But ever since last night about 5pm all Elizabeth has wanted to do is scream, eat, and sleep. Lots of swaddling and baby Tylenol. The last couple weeks she has been drooling like crazy. A little early teething I think.... Her bottom front gums are white and she keep sticking her one finger in her mouth by them.

    My mom has been here Monday and today and will be tomorrow. My husband is not used to getting up at night with the baby but I need him to pick her up for me. So he has been tired from working all day with little sleep. So in the evenings when he's supposed to be helping he's not that helpful. Tomorrow I will just make sure my mom has everything she needs so I can get some rest while she's here. Maybe tonight the baby will sleep til six when he gets up from work. He went to bed about an hour ago so hopefull he gets rest.
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