Let's cute the crap.. and kiss the goodie bags goodbye!

Amen to this I say.. Amen!!

This hilarious article is actually just a rant about how OVER goodie bags the author is.. and to be honest? I COULDN'T AGREE MORE.

My favorite line of hers might be..

"I don't want to get them. And I don't want to give them.."

Honestly.. I am totally a "less is more" type person.. I don't love the fluff, or doing things JUST BECAUSE it's the way it's always been, etc.. I think excess is too much sometimes.. so this goodie bags post.. I love. I think we already have too much STUFF, kids get so much STUFF, we have so much STUFF we practically don't know where to STUFF our STUFF.. is anyone else with me that we don't need more STUFF? I think it's fine to teach a kid that you go to a birthday party for fun, to celebrate the birthday kiddo.. and you get food, play, etc.. but you don't always have to GET something in return!

Mamas.. weigh in.. if you disagree it's fine.. just don't give Monroe a goodie bag :) haha


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      Amen! I mean unless it's candy...then I'm all for it! Lol
        4Ronna Jones
        A Thank You Card is plenty for me! The goody bags always have items we don't allow in the house such as ; putty, play doe, bubbles, gum, sticky candy and other messy stuff. If they get any it gets used up or eaten outside. Also, tiny pieces that the baby can choke on doesn't come home.
          Meg , I agree with you if you are on budget you don't all that stuff crap , If the child is too young I think you don't need it
            I agree a thousand percent! I'd rather save the few dollars you spend on goody bag "junk" and put it in my kid's bank account and save for his future. Over time those dollars are going to add up! It's not even just about goody bags either. Last year, I finally had to put my foot down on gift giving at Christmas. Somehow we fell into the get a gift, give a gift bottomless pit. We felt obligated to buy gifts for people we only saw once a year or people we weren't close to just because they bought us something. It gets expensive!! If the gift doesn't come from your heart or is given because you feel you have to is it really worth giving?
              Melissa Middleton
              The STUFF usually ends up scattered on the floor and then is eventually tossed out. I go through my step-daughters toys and throw out broken pieces and pieces with missing parts. When I was a kid and my mother did this I remember stating, "When I have kids, I won't ever do that to them." Lol...and now I do it and see why. Most of the stuff they get is stickers, markers (which is a no-no for kids in my house), deflated balloons, candy, and other miscellaneous junk. Markers go in the trash or else they end up on the wall, bed sheets, and floor; stickers end up in odd places as well, and balloons get tossed because they end up on the floor or outside and I've got a scooting tot and two small dogs, all who like to put things in their mouth.
              And, believe it or not, my daughter doesn't like candy.

              I like Christina's idea of thank you notes. They could possibly put a lollipop in there or something. Besides, the kids usually have games, food, ice cream and cake. A goody bag with candy is too much sugar (because the kids go home after that)! Um, on second thought, scratch the lollipop idea.
                For Aly's 1st birthday we had a variety of ages there so I just had bottles of bubbles for whoever wanted them. But I didn't pull them out until people were about to leave & could just take them as the left. That way I didn't have to worry about open bottles or soapy bubble water everywhere. My friend does goodie bags & give them right at the beginning or the party & then has a big mess to clean up every year. Not something I'm going to do. IF I continue to give anything, it will just be 1 or 2 larger items that if they want they can take them but when the leave.
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